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Window Cleaning in Lehi, Utah

If you’re looking for a wide range of window cleaning and related services in Lehi and surrounding areas, you’ve come to the right place. With years of experience with glass, windows, screens, frames and every other area of this realm you could possibly need expertise on, our team at Shine On Window Cleaning is at your service.

We’re a full-service window cleaning company, meaning we handle not only keeping your glass sparkling and attractive, but also numerous additional services to keep your entire window areas both clean and well-maintained. We’ve served clients from St. George all the way up to Ogden, and Utahns keep coming back to us for our reliable, transparent service.

Our Services

When you call our window experts, you get access to all of the following window services:

  • General window cleaning: For all window types and sizes, including specialty or customized options. We use the latest in window-cleaning technology to bring you windows that sparkle and exude quality.
  • Other glass: Our services are not limited to windows – we clean and maintain any glass in your home, from mirrors and shower areas to decorative glass and more.
  • Screens: We’ll help you clean and maintain window screens to keep them effective all year long. We’ll also provide screen repairs as needed.
  • Window components: No window service is complete without the proper care paid to important mechanical components, such as window frames, sills, tracks, wells and others. We provide a full range of maintenance and cleaning for these areas.
  • Other: Ask us about our related services in solar panels, hard water treatment and other areas.

Residential and Commercial Quality

Windows are vital components of both residences and commercial buildings alike, and at Shine On Window Cleaning, we’re proud to serve both groups. We provide residential window cleaning services for properties ranging from under 1,200 square feet all the way to luxury homes above 3,000 square feet, and will provide you a personalized quote. We’re also available to help clean and maintain heavy-duty storm windows.

We also provide high-quality commercial window cleaning and related services throughout Lehi and the rest of Utah. Request a quote from us at your convenience and we’ll provide you with all the basic information you need to know.

Our Team

At Shine On Window Cleaning, we pride ourselves on reliable, flexible service that meets your specific needs. We began as a family business and maintain that level of service, this despite expanding to areas throughout Utah, where we serve a wide range of clients. We’ll always respond promptly, and will return within 48 hours to touch up any of our work with proper notification.

To learn more about our high-quality residential and commercial window cleaning services, contact the pros at Shine On Window Cleaning today.