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3 Reasons To Clean Your Windows This Spring

3 Reasons To Clean Your Windows This Spring

3 Reasons To Clean Your Windows This Spring

Three Reasons to Clean Your Windows this Spring

Winter leftovers on your windows and screens

As the snow starts to melt in the spring, there will definitely be a winter reminder with all the remnants that are still left on your windows and screens screaming for a proper cleaning. A spring cleaning tuneup is exactly what is needed to remove all dust, dirt, salt deposits, and streaks that are left on your windows and screens form the rain, sleet, and snow from the winter months.

A Springtime View

As spring approaches, the sights and sounds of new beginnings are all around us. Beautiful landscapes, blossoming flowers, and lush green grass all capture our eye, but not so much from a dirty perspective. Looking out of dirty windows and screens can be very distracting, especially during this time of year.

Removing all the debris from our windows and screens enables us To See Life Clearly with the sounds and smells that Spring offers us. Opening up your windows in the springtime is great way to bring new, fresh air into your home through your clean screens and enjoy those springtime sights and smells.

The Birds and the Bees are out in force.

You’re not the only one eager to get active outside when the weather warms up. Spring is scored by the sounds of birds chirping and animals rustling. Any outdoor enthusiast will tell you that with warm weather comes at the cost with birds, mosquitos, flies, bugs, spiders, wasps and all other manner of annoying creepy crawlers that are hatching into existence creating problems for our windows and screens.

More active insect populations in the spring means more bug guts, excrement, pest control sprays, and other residues on your windows and screens. Swirling dirty wind, tree sap, bird droppings, and berry juices will all start building up on your windows, and the value of window cleaning service becomes more and more relevant as your Honey-Do list starts to grow.

Here at Shine On Window Cleaning, we believe that by providing a quality, detailed service we’ll help our customers to see things from our point of view and To See Life Clearly.

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