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Shine On Window Cleaning was started by Jeff Lee who has over 20 years of experience in window cleaning. Jeff started washing windows in Richfield where he grew up, and he later started his own window cleaning business. Jeff took this trade with him as he moved down to St. George to attend the Dixie State College where he established a new clientele. While in St. George, Jeff was a glazier where he managed a glass shop. There he quickly learned about the components of windows and glass. Because of this, he can diagnose window problems and let his clients know about problems that have developed. Where possible, he recommends ways to fix those problems and offers suggestions to prevent them from happening.


Jeff attended business school at Snow College where he studied business in order to better operate Shine On Window Cleaning. Shine On Window Cleaning became an LLC in 2012.


Jeff and his wife, Melissa, have successfully maintained and grown their business in Utah and Salt Lake Counties while also continuing to service his clients in Richfield and St. George. Today, their clientele stretches from St. George to Ogden



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